Our Work

Here’s some of what we’ve created

for our clients and, sometimes, for ourselves.

TV & Film


In The Company Of Men (ITCOM) is a conversation series where men discuss the issues and challenges involved in navigating the increasingly dynamic concept of manhood, in a time when traditional notions of masculinity are increasingly unfashionable, if not out of favour. An honest and real look into the minds of contemporary men, ITCOM features frank discussions about the evolving role of males in society, and the impact of shifting cultural and social perspectives on manhood, masculinity and the very nature of what it means to be a man—and the related obligations, challenges and pressures for men.

The Whisper Project

Whispering is known to be one of the most powerful ASMR triggers. The whisper project serves as a sort of social experiment using ASMR and some good Naija humour in a largely sceptical society. It serves as a unique and lighthearted form of entertainment in an increasingly saturated market.

My First

From the first time an author put a pen to paper, to the first time a mother held her newborn child, The first race an athlete ran, a musician’s first time on stage. “My First” is a web-series that chooses to explore those fragile but pivotal moments leading to current realities in the life of the storyteller. To retrace the patterns of personality and defining occasions; big or small.


AbOriginal Theatre Playhouse firmly believes in the unique power of the theatre arts to educate, energise, and unite people of different backgrounds.

We do this by combining innovative theatre content, an organic production process, and a continued commitment to the growth of the Nigerian theatre industry through the provision of first-rate theatre productions with intellectual and creative integrity, and possessing mainstream appeal.

Oluronbi: The Musical

A beautiful but barren queen makes a Faustian bargain with the devil—this is Oluronbi: The Musical, a visually stunning and beautifully-paced theatrical spectacle that explores the struggle of Queen Oluronbi with fulfilling her side of the bargain that gives her the gift of childbirth. Oluronbi’s success has extended beyond Nigeria’s borders, receiving commentary coverage on Mnet’s Studio 53 and BEN-TV.

Grip Am!

Written by Nigerian theatre legend Ola Rotimi, Grip Am! is a comedy about the power dynamic between the hardworking “every man” trying to secure his little bit of heaven and the powerful forces standing in his way. A timeless, and always timely, metaphor for the uncertainty of everyday Nigerian life, Grip Am! is also a humorous reminder of the value—and power—of the individual to crerate, and shape, the Nigeria we all aspire to.


An authentically Nigerian adaptation of A View From The Bridge, Arthur Miller’s classic study of cultural conflict and emotional self-discovery, Fractures is a compelling tale. of colliding worlds and the loss of control.

A Game of Wits

A two-person play written by critically-lauded playwright Ita Hozaife and starring two of Nigerian theatre’s leading lights, Jude Orhorha and Iyabo Amoke, A Game of Wits is a creative interpretation of the age-old “battle of the sexes” which humorously depicted the duplicity and mental games that take place during the stages of the courtship ritual. The production’s 2006 performance run received coverage and positive reviews from the NTA television network. The 2011 performance run of A Game of Wits marked a revisit to AbOriginal’s initial foray into theatre, having previously hosted the 2006 performance run of A Game of Wits in conjunction with O.N.E Integrated Management.