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We realise your vision.
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Filming Services

Our team creates tailored experiences for specific audiences, brands and organisations. If you have a message, thought, idea, story that needs to be heard, we will bring it to life through:

  • Feature films
  • Short movies
  • Web series
  • Commercial advertisements
  • Showreels
  • Documentaries

Audio Services

Sometimes traditional media just doesn’t want to shake itself off; at such times we talk radio. Other times it’s enough to just be heard. Have something to say? Say it with AbOriginal Productions.

  • Podcasting
  • Audio book recording
  • Jingle creation
  • Music recording
content creation & entertainment company

Theatre Services

With some stories, the screen, big or handheld is not alive enough. We at AbOriginal create not just theatre but true human experiences of the creative arts.

AbOriginal Theatre Playhouse firmly believes in the unique power of the theatre arts to educate, energise, and unite people of different backgrounds.

We do this by combining innovative theatre content, an organic production process, and a continued commitment to the growth of the Nigerian theatre industry through the provision of first-rate theatre productions with intellectual and creative integrity, and possessing mainstream appeal.

  • Stage plays
  • One-man/woman shows

Studio Hire

To help us along our process, we’ve carefully created a state of the art sound proof studio fit for multiple different kinds of audio-visual media. We now offer this space for your use as well.

  • Record room hire
  • Scene hire
  • Etc.

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